Welcome to the student resource page for students in the fields of brewing and distilling.

The Institute of Brewing and Distilling is a leading global provider of Professional qualifications for the Brewing and Distilling Industries. Every year nearly 1500 candidates take IBD examinations in over 70 examination centres around the world. Please visit the qualifications section of the IBD website for details.

The IBD also has associations and links with a wide range of other educational providers around the world many of which are recognised as IBD training partners.

We hope that this site helps in identifying useful educational contacts and in developing your career plans.

The goal of this page is to unify and present important information to both current and prospective brewing and distilling students. For prospective students information regarding scholastic and technical institutes has been gathered. This will hopefully allow readers to determine what locations specialize in their particular discipline of interest. Visit the scholarship section for links to awards and scholarships geared towards the brewing and distilling industries. Furthermore, organizations of interest are also presented. These organizations often host conferences or section meetings relating to brewing and distilling. As a student these are great opportunities to not only showcase your research and work but to network and meet other people in the field. Please take the time to browse each section. The links provided will hopefully aid you in your future or current studies in brewing and distilling. Best wishes and happy brewing and distilling.


Additional Information:

If you are an organization that would like to have information added to this webpage please contact us so that we can add the relative information. This will not only benefit your organization but will further aid students in making sound and educated decisions about their futures.

Please remember to contact us if your own contact information changes (this includes web addresses). This will help keep the site current. Also, please report any broken links.