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English 7020, a graduate course on fairy tales at Memorial University

English 4209, an undergraduate course on fairy tales at Dalhousie University

Grimm's Household Tales

This small site is devoted to fairy tales in the written tradition.

I have installed an electronic version of Grimms' Household Tales in the old Margaret Hunt translation. The texts were prepared by Veronica LeGrow with further work by David Baird, Katie Nicholson, David Skinner, and Erin Shea, while they were undergraduates in English at Memorial University of Newfoundland.

For a bibliography on the relations between folklore and literature, see the bibliography by Dr Pat Byrne of Memorial University of Newfoundland's departments of English and Folklore.

The pictures are taken from the first English translation of Grimm, German Popular Stories, translated by Edgar Taylor (volume 1, 1823; volume 2, 1826), with illustrations after George Cruikshank.

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