We investigate innate host defenses against viral infection,

and how viruses undermine these defenses 


The McCormick Lab



  1. -Denys publishes a paper in PLoS Pathogens describing the mechanism of selective host mRNA destruction by influenza virus PA-X endonuclease. Data suggests that PA-X works in nucleus at some early step of mRNA biogenesis. Also targets non-coding RNAs transcribed by host RNA pol II. A very productive (and speedy!) collaboration with our colleagues in Marta Gaglia’s lab at Tufts U.

  1. -media links: 

Dal’s Flu Fighters” - DalNews, April 1, 2016

Dalhousie Medical School making big breaks in influenza research” - Global News, April 1, 2016

Dalhousie University researchers make flu discoveries” - CBC News, April 6, 2016

Influenza Discoveries at Dal” - Dal Alumni News, April 6, 2016


- Jenn, Eric and Craig attend the Keystone Symposium on Viruses and Cancer in Big Sky, Montana


- Drew and Craig publish a ‘News & Views’ article in Cell Cycle highlighting Paivi Ojala’s discovery of new mechanism for KSHV-initiated T-cell lymphoma.


- Drew is awarded a very prestigious Banting Postdoctoral Fellowship from the Government of Canada (value $70,000/year x 2 years) to support his studies in Jay Debnath’s lab at UCSF.


  1. -Jenn publishes a paper in PLoS Pathogens describing how a KSHV gene reprograms human endothelial cells during infection. This study provides new mechanistic insight into how viral genes can cause cancer.


  1. -Carolyn and Eric present their work at the 2015 Canadian Cancer Research Conference in Montreal, QC.  


  1. -Denys, Eric and Patrick present their work at ASV 2015 in London, ON.


  1. -Jenn and Craig co-author an article on viral control of Rho-GTPase activity and the impact on host gene expression, in Small GTPases.


  1. -Eric co-authors a study in Cell Death & Differentiation on the NAD+ salvage pathway, autophagy and tumor suppressor proteins. This study was led by Patrick Lee.

The Spalentor (Old City Gates)



- Denys publishes a ‘Gem’ in Journal of Virology describing how influenza virus proteins work together to shut off host gene expression.


- Ben is awarded a very prestigious Frederick Banting and Charles Best CGS Doctoral Award from the CIHR (value $115,000) to support his studies. His application was ranked 8th in the country.


- Brittany received the Ron Carr Award, awarded to a student “who most clearly displays academic achievement, commitment to the betterment of colleagues; a student who makes substantive contributions to the broader community, and is involved in extra-curricular activities in the arts, or environment”


  1. -Eric and Denys present their work at Viruses 2016 in Basel, Switzerland.


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