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The Final Sale will take place at Dalhousie University, Life Sciences Centre on the 4th Floor of the Biology Wing. See below for detailed directions and instructions.
The Life Sciences Centre of Dalhousie University is located at the end of Lord Dalhousie Drive, which is a small street off Coburg Road... which is the continuation of Halifax's famous Spring Garden Road.

From Spring Garden Road.: Continue west onto Coburg Rd, then make a left onto Lord Dalhousie Dr. (close to Oxford St.)

From Oxford St.: Turn onto Coburg Rd, then make a right onto Lord Dalhousie Dr.
You will pass through a set of gates on Lord Dalhousie Dr. Drive straight until you reach the intersection with Castine Way.

Turn Right onto Castine Way and immediately to your left there is the Parking Area. The Life Sciences Centre is the tall building with the glass roof (greenhouse). Once you have parked, the building entrance is to the left of the Life Sciences Centre (between it and the building with the clock tower).  Unfortunately, the building entrance is hidden by the trees in the foreground of this picture but the arrow points to its location.

The entrance is down a short set of stairs (or wheelchair ramp) to the left and beneath a set of stairs going up to the building with the clock tower (you will see this when you get here).

You will enter the building on the second floor. Once you are inside, for security reasons you will have to sign in. Bring a picture ID with your name on it for the Signing in process. With the Security desk on you right side, walk straight down the hall. You will pass a Museum on your right hand side (25 m down the hall). Once you come to the intersection with the planter, keep to the right and go down the hall towards the staircase. There are bathrooms (on your left) near the print centre and an ATM beside Tim Hortons. Walk past the staircase, and in front of you there will be a display case about Astronauts, go through the glass doors on your right (it will say Biology on them) and the elevators will be immediately on your right (see schematic below and video). Go up to the 4th floor.

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The operative "El-Grandioso-Final-Sale" will take place in the 4th floor... you will see it as soon as you get out of the elevators.



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