Society of the Seven Sages

(Last modified 16 September 2013)

Contact: Hans R. Runte <>
Professor Emeritus, Dalhousie University
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

[Seven Vizirs, Ten Vizirs, Sah Baht, Mythologikon Syntipas, Mishle Sendebar, Sindibad-nameh, Tuti-namah, Libro de los engaños, Forty Vizirs, Dolopathos, Llibre dels set savis de Roma, Seith Doethon Ruvsin, De syv vise Mestre, Van den VII Vroeden van binnen Rome, Die hystorie van die seven wijse van Romen, Les sept sages de Rome, Cassidorus, Helcanus, Kanor, Laurin, Marques, Pelyarmenus, Die sieben weisen Meister, Libro dei sette savj di Roma, Erasto, Stefano, Historia septem sapientum Romae, Istorija Septyniy Mokintojy, Semí mudrecov, Historja o siedmiu medracach, Libro de los siete sabios de Roma, Historia lastimera díel príncipe Erasto, Scala celi, Sju Vise Mästare, etc.]

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The Society of the Seven Sages (founded in 1975) is a loosely-knit, informal group of scholars and students interested in the Oriental and European versions of the medieval Seven Sages of Rome cycle of stories. The Society has held research meetings at irregular intervals, has published a bibliography (1984), and circulates an annual Newsletter containing updates (to 2004 and from 2005 onward) of the 1984 bibliography, Research Abstracts, Research-in-Progress reports, and Marginalia. The 1984 Analytical Bibliography is being up-dated annually on-line. See the following links:
1. Oriental and European versions
2. The medieval Seven Sages of Rome cycle
3. Annual NEWSLETTER containing updates (to 2004 and from 2005 onward) of the 1984 bibliography, including a list of on-line books and articles
4. Research Abstracts and Documents
5. Research in Progress
6. Marginalia
7. The up-dated 1984 ANALYTICAL  BIBLIOGRAPHY  vol. I and vol. II
8. Some Seven Sagesstories
9. Conferences