Jeffrey A. Hutchings

evolutionary ecology &
conservation biology
of fishes

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BIOL/MARI 3067: Ecology and Evolution of Fishes
   1995-present. Third-year class. 
This class examines selected topics on the ecology and evolution of marine and freshwater fishes. Topics include taxonomy, systematics, functional morphology, evolutionary ecology, behaviour, life history strategies, population biology, fisheries science, and conservation biology with a particular emphasis on Canadian fishes.

BIOL2060: Introductory Ecology

    1996-2001.  Second-year class.
Models of population growth, competition, predator-prey interactions, conservation biology.

BIOL3062: Resource Ecology
    1998-2000.  Third-year class. 
Conservation biology, species invasions, models of fisheries science and management.


    2008  Causes and Consequences of Human-Induced Evolution               Biol 4806/4807
    1998   Minimum Viable Population Analyses                                            Biol 4806
    1997   Influence of Fishing on Coral Reef Fishes                                       Biol 4807
    1995   Integration of Fisher's Local Knowledge with Fisheries Mgmt.     Biol 4807


Assessment of Species at Risk in Canada
    2007-08. Graduate student module. 

Foundations of Ecology
    2000, 2004. Graduate student module. 

Life History Strategies 
    1996, 1998.  Graduate student module. 

Natural Selection
    2003.  Graduate student module. 

Practical and Conceptual Issues in Biological Research
    1997.  Graduate student module. 

    2003    Life History Strategies in Fish                                                   Biol 5832
    1998    Evolutionary Models of Foraging Behaviour                             Biol 5832
    1996    Models:  From Ideal Gases to Ecology                                      Biol 5832
    1996    Dealing With Uncertainty in Fisheries Management                  Biol 4806
    1995    Life History Strategies of Cephalopods                                      Biol 5832

International University Courses

Population Consequences of Evnironmental Flucuations
    1999. Department of Marine Biology, University of Bergen, Bergen, Norway.

Life History Theory
    1992.  Department of Ecology and Department of Marine Biology, University of Bergen, Bergen, Norway.

Life History Theory and Empirical Data
    1992.  Department of Animal Ecology, University of Umeå, and Department of Aquaculture, Swedish University of Agricultural Science, Umeå, Sweden.

Atlantic Salmon spawning Lake Hazen, Ellesmere Island