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Professor of English
University Research Professor

Board of Directors, Canadian Federation of the Humanities & Social Sciences
Former Canada Research Chair, 2002-2012

On Sabbatical in 2016-17.

Department of English
Dalhousie University
6135 University Ave.
Halifax, Nova Scotia B3H 4P9

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Courses (2015-16): ENGL4990 (Fall), "Capstone": preliminary syllabus; ENGL3040 (Winter), "Irish Literature, 1700-1900".

Selected Previous Courses: ENGL2002 "British Literature after 1800" (2014-15); ENGL4809 "Communicable Romanticism:  Medicine, Literature, Politics" (2014-15); ENGL3040 "Irish Literature, 1700-1900" (2013-14); ENGL3025: Romantic Era, 1789-1832 (2013-14); ENGL5402: Literary Theories in/of Romanticism (2012); ENGL4805: Nationalism and Romantic Literature (2011); ENGL5402: The Gothic Century:  Romanticism and Gothic Literature from 1764-1864 (2010);  ENGL1010:  Introduction to Prose and Fiction (2011); ENGL5407 "Landscape and Loss:   Nineteenth-Century Irish Literature" (2006); ENGL5404 "Ireland and the Geopolitical Imaginary in British and Irish Literature, c. 1750-1850" (2008); EURO2100X "Europe:  Ideas, Culture and Society" (Fall 2008).


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Reading the NationTransatlantic Literary ExchangesHandbook to Romanticism Studies (Faflak/Wright)coverRepresenting the National Landscape

Research InterestsIrish literature (1750-1900), nationalism in Europe (1789-1914), nineteenth-century British literature, cultural studies, and the gothic (esp. Irish gothic literature up to Stoker and gothic television, from Dark Shadows to Millennium and Supernatural).

CV:  For a list of my books, articles, selected conference papers, etc., please click here.

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