Research Summary

• Gene and genome evolution
• Secondary endosymbiosis and the evolution of photosynthetic organelles
• Molecular evolution and systematics of microbial eukaryotes

The central focus of research in the Archibald Lab is to gain insight into the origin and evolution of eukaryotic (nucleus-containing) cells and their organelles using comparative genomics and proteomics. We are particularly interested in (1) the impact of endosymbiosis and parasitism on genome structure and content, (2) how endosymbionts become organelles, and (3) the higher-order structure of the tree of eukaryotic life. Research Page, Lab Positions

Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

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Recent Publications

Nakayama, T., Kamikawa, R., Tanifuji, G., Kashiyama, Y., Ohkouchi, N., Archibald J. M., and Inagaki, Y., (2014) Complete genome of a non-photosynthetic cyanobacterium in a diatom reveals recent adaptations to an intracellular lifestyle. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA. In Press.

McRose, D., Guo, J., Monier, A., Sudek, S., Wilken, S., Yan, S., Mock, T., Archibald, J. M., Begley, T. P., Reyes-Prieto, A. & Worden A. Z., (2014) Riboswitches are widespread in unicellular marine eukaryotes and suggest alternatives to vitamin B1 uptake. ISME Journal. In Press

Hirakawa, Y., Suzuki, S., Archibald, J. M., Keeling, P. J. & Ishida, K.-I., (2014) Overexpression of molecular chaperone genes in nucleomorph genomes. Mol. Biol. Evol. 31: 1437-1443.

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Archibald, J. M., (2014) One plus one equals one: symbiosis and the evolution of complex life. Oxford University Press.

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'One Plus One Equals One' reviewed in Nature

• Dr. Daniel Moog has joined the lab. WELCOME Daniel!

• Dr. Ugo Cenci has joined the lab. WELCOME Ugo!

• Undergraduate students Shannon Sibbald and Louis Martin have joined the lab. WELCOME!


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• New Centre at Dalhousie: CGEB

• Archibald wins major CIHR and DMRF awards

• Dalhousie tops international list of The Scientist's "Best Places to Work in Academia"

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