The Art and the Act: John Thelwall in Practice

October 16-18, 2009

Dalhousie University
Halifax, Canada

Radical orator and political theorist; poet, novelist and playwright; critic, lecturer, educator and elocutionary therapist, John Thelwall was above all an activist. The Art and the Act celebrates the conjunction of arts and acts in his theory and practice , seeking to revive his voice and vision, to connect the wide-ranging communities of ‘participated action’ in which he worked, and to realize in our scholarship the democratic values to which he dedicated his life.

The innovative program alternates papers by international, interdisciplinary scholars and practitioners (including Sir Geoffrey Bindman, Nicholas Roe, Michael Scrivener, & Judith Duchan), with performances, recitations, and hands-on workshops where we collaborate to augment the “common bank” of primary Thelwall materials . Two (+one optional) days of Arts and Acts include a landmark production of Thelwall”s The Fairy of the Lake, radical toasts and tastes in the waterfront haunts of privateers and a “New Peripatetic colour tour” of Thelwallian sites in Nova Scotia.
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