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Research focus: Mechanisms and parameterization of ocean convection and mixing.

Student/postdoc Supervision

Clark Richards, PhD 200x.

Ramzi Mirshak, PhD 2008, Interfacial Internal Waves Impacting Sloped Boundaries.

Daniella Turk, PhD 1999, was a Killam-funded student cosupervised by Marlon Lewis, working on new production in equatorial regions.

Brian May, PhD 1999, was an NSERC- and Killam-funded student working on the dynamics and parameterization of double-diffusive interleaving in baroclinic fluids, with particular application to Arctic interleaving.

Marie-Claude Bourque, MSc 1994, applied data assimilative techniques to measure upwelling response in Jacques Cartier Strait. She has since moved to University of British Columbia, doing a PhD program, and then to the University of Rhode Island.

Peter Galbraith, PhD 1992, was an NSERC-funded student working on relating CTD overturns to mixing and buoyancy flux. Peter moved from Dalhousie to a postdoctoral position at McGill, and now works at IML, where he is a partner in the SLEIWEX research program.

Daniel Bourgault, an ONR/CFCAS/NSERC funded postdoctoral research associate, now at Memorial University of Newfoundland and a partner in the SLEIWEX research program.

Several research associates, as part of the CCME (Canadian Climate Modelling Effort), a multi-investigator project with Dan Wright at BIO being at the lead and collaborators including Barry Ruddick, Allyn Clarke, and Andrew Weaver.

Ayal Anis, as part of the GLOBEC project.

David Brickman, as part of the WOCE project.

Other Activities

  • Treasurer, Canadian Meteorology and Oceanography Society, 2002-2005.
  • Graduate Coordinator, Dalhousie University Department of Oceanography, 2005-present.
  • Editor, Liquid Paper, the Dalhousie Oceanography newsletter
  • Member+chair, review panel for Dalhousie Department of Earth Science, 2004
  • Member, Dalhousie Undergraduate Admissions Committee, 2003-present.
  • Member+chair, Dalhousie NSERC Postgraduate Scholarship committee, 1998-2002.
  • Member, Oceanography curriculum committee, 2000-2002
  • Member, Oceanography student admissions committee, 1990-2000; 2003-present
  • Member, review committee for Marine Affairs Program, 1997
  • Member, Canadian National Committee for GLOBEC (1998-2001)
  • Member, Canadian National Committee for WOCE-II (1993-1996).
  • Co-PI, Canadian Community Modelling Effort consortium.
  • Co-PI, Canadian GLOBEC program (until 2001)
  • Co-PI, Canadian WOCE program (until 1995)
  • Author of the Gri scientific graphics language, described in Linux Journal and incorporated in some Linux distributions
  • Author of the Gre scientific graphics language, a merging of Gri and Perl.
  • Author of the oce R package for working with oceanographic data.

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