Letitia Meynell
Associate Professor

Department of Philosophy
cross-appointed with the
Gender and Women's Studies Programme
Dalhousie University
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Halifax, NS  B3H 4R2
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Melanie Frappier, Letitia Meynell and James Robert Brown, eds. Thought Experiments in Science, Philosophy and the Arts (Routledge, 2012). (Publisher's webpage) (Google Books).
Sue Campbell, Letitia Meynell and Susan Sherwin, eds. Embodiment and Agency, (Penn State, 2009). (Publisher's webpage) (Google Books).

Selected Papers
"Imagination and Insight: A New Account of the Content of Thought Experiments," Synthese 191 (17) 2014, 4149-68.

"See What I Mean? On Developing Norms for the Production and Publication of Scientific Images," in Narratives of Science and Nature, eds. Gordon McOuat, Sundar Sarukkai and Jobin Kanjirakkat (Delhi: Routledge, forthcoming).
Parsing Pictures: On Analyzing the Content of Images in Science," Knowledge Engineering Review 28 (3) 2013, special issue on Visualization, Visual Representation and Reasoning, 327-45.
"Evolutionary Psychology, Ethology, and Essentialism (Because What They Don't Know Can Hurt Us)," Hypatia 27 (1) 2012, 3-27.
"The Politics of Pictured Reality: Locating the Object from Nowhere in fMRI,"
in Neurofeminism: Issues at the Intersection of Feminist Theory and Cognitive Neuroscience, Robyn Bluhm, Heidi Maibom and Anne Jaap Jacobson, eds (Palgrave, 2012), 11-29.
Why Feynman Diagrams Represent,"
International Studies in the Philosophy of Science 22 (1) 2008, 39-59.

"Pictures, Pluralism and Feminist Epistemology: Lessons from 'Coming to Understand'," Hypatia 23 (4) 2008, 1-29.

Current grants
Graduate students
Cosmopolitanism and the Local in Science and Nature: Creating and East/West Partnership
External (SSHRC supported)

Eve Roberts, co-supervised with Gordon McOuat (PhD 2015)
Thesis title: System-Drive Research: Legitimate Experimental Design for Biological/Biomedical Research

Sharon Woodill (ID PhD 2014)
Thesis title: Intelligent Design, Science, and Sexual Politics

Thinking While Doing: Connecting Insight to Innovations in the Construction Sector
External (SSHRC supported)

Principal Investigator
Building Ethics Courses and Ethics Capacity in the Sciences
Internal (Dalhousie Centre for Learning and Teaching supported)

Michelle Laplante (MA 2014)
Thesis title:Illocutionary Autonomy: Moral Responsibility for Disabling Speech Acts
Jasmine Smart (MA 2012)
Thesis title: Science Fiction Thought Experiments in Bioethics
Christopher Chalmers (MA 2011)
Thesis title: Making Evolution Relevant in Psychiatry: Evolutionary Developmental Biology as a Foundation for Psychiatry
Anna Sheridan Jonah, co-supervised with Sue Campbell (MA 2010)

Thesis title: Cultural Appropriation and the Politics of Difference
Michael Gabriel (MA 2006)
Thesis title: Scientific Realism and the Problem of Inconsistency: A Look at the Views of Brown and Cartwright

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Philosophy of Science
PHIL2660 Understanding Scientific Reasoning
PHIL2680 Ethics in Science
PHIL3420/5420/BIO3580 Philosophy of Biology
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PHIL4680/5680 Topics in Philosophy of Science

Feminist Philosophy
PHIL2160/GWST2500 Philosophical Issues of Feminism
PHIL4500/5500/GWST4500 Topics in Feminist Philosophy

PHIL1010 Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL2170 Philosophy of Sex and Love
PHIL3051/5051 Epistemology

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