Women's Health and Studies, and Feminist Health Care Ethics

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Women's and Gender Studies and Issues

Dalhousie Women's Centre
Dalhousie Gender and Women's Studies Programme


Breast Health

Meredith Schwartz: Choice and Autonomy. Ethical issues in women's health. Case study: breast implants 2006 (Powerpoint)    
Health Canada: Breast implants public forum 2005
Nova Scotia Department of Health: Breastfeeding basics 2010 (pdf)     
Breast of Canada
Female Intelligence Agency
Rebecca Kleinfelter: Burning the bra. Feminist pop culture revisited 2005 (Powerpoint)   

Submission to North Carolina General Assembly re HB34 Indecent Exposure: Nipple, Areola. February 2013 (Word)


Feminist Health Care Ethics

International Network on Feminist Approaches to Bioethics
Dalhousie Department of Philosopy

Dalhousie Department of Bioethics

Dalhousie Health Law Institute


Wendy Rogers: Evidence-based medicine and women. Bioethics February 2004  

Sherwin and Baylis: The feminist healthcare ethics consultant. Pub Aff Quart  2003 (pdf)   


Bioethical issues

Christie et al:Virtue ethics as an alternative in the harm reduction debate Int J Drug Pol 2008 (pdf)



Eckenwiler and Cohn eds: The Ethics of Bioethics. Mapping the moral landscape JHU 2007 


Review: Kon JAMA March 2008 (pdf)


Lisa EckenwilerFelicia Cohn

Lisa Eckenwiler, Felicia Cohn


Autonomy and Consent

Mackenzie and Stoljar: Relational autonomy. Oxford 2000 (excerpts)

Manson and O'Neill: Rethinking inormed consent in bioethics. Cambridge 2007 (excerpts) 



Chris MacDonald: Nurse autonomy as relational. Nursing Ethics 2002    

Chris Macdonald: Relational professional autonomy. Camb Quart Healthcare Eth 2002 (abstract)

Fiona MacDonald: Relational group autonomy. Canadian Political Science Association 2006 (pdf)

Rethinking informed consent - The limits of autonomy. Karolinska Institute 2006 (abstracts)   



Chris Macdonald's Ethics Website (Ethicsweb.ca)


Violence Against Women

United Nations (UNIFEM): Violence against women

World Health Organization: Addressing violence against women 2005


Michelle Jacobs. Prostitutes, Drug Users, and Thieves: The Invisible Women in the Campaign to End Violence against Women. Temp. Pol. & Civ. Rts. L. Rev. 1998 (pdf)

Watts & Zimmerman: Violence against women: global scope and magnitude. Lancet 2002 (pdf)    



Marginalisation of Women and Sex Work    


Sex workers protesting against violence in Red Umbrella march (ICRSE)



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