Curriculum Vitae
Rohan Amanda Maitzen

Department of English

Dalhousie University


Academic Appointments

                Associate Professor, Department of English

University of King’s College / Dalhousie University, 2000-present

Assistant Professor, Department of English

University of King’s College / Dalhousie University, 1995-2000


                Cornell University

                Ph.D. (English Language and Literature), 1995

                M.A.  (English Language and Literature), 1993

                University of British Columbia

                 B.A. (Honours, English and History), 1990

Writing, Editing, and Publishing


          Open Letters Monthly


          Novel Readings (2007-present)

           The Valve (2008-10)

Web Projects

          Middlemarch for Book Clubs (launched June 2013)


Editor: The Victorian Art of the Novel: 19th-Century Essays on the Form and Function of Fiction.  (Peterborough: Broadview, 2009).

Gender, Genre, and Victorian Historical Writing (NY: Garland, 1998).  Volume 5 in Literature and Society in Victorian England, series editor Professor Sally Mitchell, Temple University.

Articles, Essays, and Book Chapters

Sex, Style, and Sewage Farms: Winifred Holtby and Virginia Woolf.3:AM Magazine (December 2014)

“Peer Review: Elena Ferrante’s Hunger, Rebellion, and Rage.” Open Letters (September 2014)

Beethoven in the Soul: K. M. Peyton’s Pennington Trilogy. Open Letters (July 2014)

“Title Menu: 8 Novels Inspired by George Eliot.” Open Letters (June 2014)

Adam Bede: Realism and Research.” Discovering Literature: Romantics and Victorians (The British Library). Site launched May 2014.

The Mill on the Floss as bildungsroman.” Discovering Literature: Romantics and Victorians (The British Library). Site launched May 2014.

“No Lesser Crime: Wilkie Collins’s The Moonstone.” Open Letters (November 2013)

“Spinster, Victim, Soldier, Spy: Dick Francis and the Evolution of Female Characters in Crime Fiction.” Los Angeles Review of Books (August 2013)

“Her Hands Full of Sugar Plums: The Miserable Morality of Middlemarch.” Open Letters (March 2013)

“Queen of the Gypsies: The Ending of The Mill on the Floss.” Open Letters (February 2013)

Look No More Backward: George Eliot and Atheism.” Los Angeles Review of Books (October 2012); rerun in Salon.Com (October 2012)

“Scholarship 2.0: Blogging and/as Academic Practice.” Journal of Victorian Culture 17:3 (September 2012).

“Macaroni and Cheese: The Failure of George Eliot’s Romola.” Open Letters (June 2012)

“All the World to Nothing: The Mysterious Charm of Richard III.” Open Letters (May 2012)

“Abandonment, Richness, Surprise: Virginia Woolf’s Critical Essays.” Open Letters (March 2012)

“The Quiet One: On Anne Brontë’s The Tenant of Wildfell Hall.” Open Letters (January 2012)

“Martin Beck Has a Cold.” Los Angeles Review of Books (August 2011)

Ahdaf Soueif: A Novelist in Tahrir Square,” Open Letters (April 2011)

“Against the Wind: Rereading Gone with the Wind,” Open Letters (October 2010)

“The Morality of Vanity Fair: It’s All About You,” Open Letters (July 2010)

“Second Glance: The Radicalism of Felix Holt,” Open Letters (January 2010)

“Second Glance: Reading Anthony Trollope,” Open Letters (October 2009)

“‘The Soul of Art’: Understanding Victorian Ethical Criticism,” English Studies in Canada  31:2-3 (June-September 2005 [published May 2007]).

“Plotting Women: Froude and Strickland on Elizabeth I and Mary Queen of Scots” in Clio’s Daughters: Victorian Women Making History, ed. Lynette Felber (University of Delaware Press, 2007)

“The Moral Life of Middlemarch: Martha Nussbaum and George Eliot’s Philosophical Fiction,” Philosophy and Literature 30:1 (April 2006).

“Agnes Strickland.” Global Encyclopedia of Historiography, ed. Daniel Woolf (NY: Garland, 1998).

“This Feminine Preserve’:  Historical Biographies By Victorian Women,” Victorian Studies Vol. 38 No. 3 (Spring 1995).

“By No Means An Improbable Fiction:  Redgauntlet’s Novel Historicism,” Studies in the Novel Vol. 25 No. 3 (Summer 1993), reprinted in Critical Essays on Sir Walter Scott:  The Waverley Novels, ed. Harry E. Shaw (G. K. Hall, 1996).

“When Pit Jumps on Stage:  Historiography and Theatricality in Carlyle’s French Revolution,” Carlyle Annual No. 13 (1992-93).


“Lost in Eliot”: Review of Rebecca Mead, My Life in Middlemarch. Open Letters (February 2014)

“Bridget of Sighs”: Review of Helen Fielding, Bridget Jones: Mad About the Boy. Open Letters (December 2013)

“An Inglorious Life”: Review of Elizabeth Gilbert, The Signature of All Things. Open Letters (October 2013)

“No Trace of Lipstick”: Review of Deirdre David, Olivia Manning, A Woman at War. Open Letters (June 2013)

 “It Might Have Been”: Review of Kate Atkinson, Life After Life. Open Letters (May 2013)

 “Performance Anxiety”: Review of Lynne Sharon Schwartz, Two-Part Inventions. Open Letters (November 2012)

Review of Nancy Henry, The Life of George Eliot. Open Letters (September 2012)

“Desultory Vivacity”: Review of Jeffrey Eugenides, The Marriage Plot. Open Letters (November 2011)

Review of Marjorie Garber, The Use and Abuse of Literature (Pantheon, 2011), Open Letters (May 2011)

Review of Sara Paretsky, Body Work (Penguin, 2010), Open Letters (February 2011)

Review of Brenda Maddox, George Eliot in Love (Palgrave Macmillan, 2010), Open Letters (November 2010)

Review of Claire Harman, Jane’s Fame: How Jane Austen Conquered the World (Henry Holt, 2010), Open Letters (May 2010)

Review of Jill L. Matus, ed., The Cambridge Companion to Elizabeth Gaskell (Cambridge UP, 2007), University of Toronto Quarterly (2008).

Review of Miriam Burstein, Narrating Women’s History in Britain, 1770-1902 (London: Ashgate, 2004), The Journal of Victorian Culture 11:1 (Spring 2006).

Review of Hao Li, Memory and History in George Eliot: Transfiguring the Past (London: Macmillan, 2000) and Neil McCaw, George Eliot and Victorian Historiography (London: Macmillan, 2000), Victorian Studies 45:2 (Winter 2003).

Review of Sybil Oldfield, Collective Biography of Women in Britain, 1550-1900 (Mansell, 1999), 19th-Century Feminisms, Vol. 1 No. 2 (Summer 2000).

Review of Margaret Homans and Adrienne Munich, eds., Remaking Queen Victoria (NY: Cambridge UP, 1997), Victorian Review 25:1 (Summer 1999)

Review of Rosemarie Bodenheimer, The Real Life of Mary Ann Evans:  George Eliot, Her Letters and Fiction (Ithaca:  Cornell UP, 1994), Victorian Review Vol. 21 No. 2 (Summer 1995).

Conference and Colloquium Papers

Lit Crit 2.0: Blogging, Academic Publishing, and Knowledge Dissemination.” British Association of Victorian Studies (September 2011)

“But Why Always George Eliot? Ahdaf Soueif Rewrites Middlemarch.” ACCUTE, Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences (May 2009)

“Academic Blogging.” English Department Colluqium Series (November 2007)

“Gender and Genre” Workshop, Invited Participant.  University of Sydney, December 2006 (Convener: Dr. Moira Gatens, Department of Philosophy, University of Sydney.)

“George Eliot: Moralist for the 21st Century.”  ACCUTE, Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences (May 2006)

Panel Moderator: “Victorian Literary Criticisms.”  Joint ACCUTE/ECVSA Session, Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences (May 2005)

“‘The Soul of Art’: Principles of Victorian Ethical Criticism.”  ACCUTE (May 2003).

Panel Moderator: “Public Conflict, Novel Resolutions: Victorian Literature and/as Social Reform.”  Joint ACCUTE/ECVSA Session, Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences (May 2003).

“Mary and Elizabeth: Reconfiguring Gender and Power”“ (Dalhousie English Department Speakers Series, January 1998)

“Stitches in Time:  Needlework and Victorian Historiography”“  (Dalhousie University Women’s Studies Colloquium Series, March 1996)

Romola and the Victorian Discourse of History”“ (Victorian Studies Association of Western Canada, September 1994)

“Queenly Influence:  Agnes Strickland’s Lives of the Queens of England and Women’s History” (Conference on Women Writers of 18th- and 19th-Century Britain, University of Washington, May 1993)

“When Pit Jumps on Stage:  Historiography and Theatricality in Crisis in Carlyle’s French Revolution (Northeastern Modern Languages Association Convention, April 1992)

Work In Progress

“Writing for Readers: Re-Thinking Literary Criticism”

“George Eliot Goes to Egypt: Ahdaf Soueif Rewrites Middlemarch”

Research Grants

Research Development Fund, Dalhousie University: Research Grant 2009-2011, for “George Eliot Goes to Egypt”

Research Development Fund, Dalhousie University: Research Grant, 2005-2007, for “The Victorian Art of the Novel”

Research Development Fund, Dalhousie University: Research Grant, 2000-2002, for “George Eliot and Ethical Criticism”

S.S.H.R.C. Institutional Grant for New Scholars, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, 1999.

Research Development Fund, Faculty of Graduate Studies,  Dalhousie University: Research Grant, 1996-99, for “Mary and Elizabeth: Representing Gender and Power”

Teaching Experience

Associate Professor, Dalhousie University, 2000-
Assistant Professor, Dalhousie University, 1995-2000

Nominee, Dalhousie Alumni Association Award for for Excellence in Teaching, 2007

Nominee, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Award for Excellence in Teaching, 2000, 2005, 2007

Courses Offered

English 1000, Introduction to Literary Studies
English 1010, Introduction to Prose and Fiction

Englis 2002, British Literature After 1800

English 2034, The Short Story
English 2040, Mystery and Detective Fiction
English 2208, The Novel to 1900

English 3000, Close Reading
English 3029, Victorian Poetry
English 3031, The British Novel from Austen to Dickens

English 3032, The British Novel from Dickens to Hardy

English 3229, Literature of the Victorian Age
English 4004, Women and Historical Narrative

English 4010, The “Woman Question”
English 4205, Women and Detective Fiction

English 4354, The 19th-Century British Novel

English 4458, Victorian Literature of Faith and Doubt
English 4605, Social Problems, Novel Resolutions

English 4615, Victorian Sensations

English 4622, The Somerville Novelists
English 5426, Victorian Ethical Criticism
English 5450, George Eliot and History

English 5450, George Eliot

English 5465, Victorian Women Writers

Instructor, Cornell University, 1993-4

English 136, The Practice of Prose
English 289, Historical Writing

Teaching Assistant, Cornell University, Summer 1993, Fall 1994

CompLit 116, Great Short Masterpieces
English 370, The Victorian Novel

Professional & Pedagogical Training

Dalhouse University Integrated Learning Online: Blackboard Learning System Tutorial (March 2007)

Dalhousie University Center for Learning and Teaching Workshop: “The End of the Essay” (November 2004)

Dalhousie University Integrated Learning Online: WebCT Tutorial (April 2004)

Conference on University Teaching and Learning, Office of Instructional Development and Technology, Dalhousie University (May 1999)

Teaching Writing, John S. Knight Writing Program, Cornell University (Summer 1993)

Graduate Supervision


Supervisor: Patricia Cove, Ph.D. 2013 (Thesis: “British Identity and the Antirevolutionary Novel: Nineteenth-Century British Novels about the French Revolution”)

Co-Supervisor:  Federica Bellucini (Interdisciplinary Ph.D., English & German) 2012 (Thesis: “‘A Much Milder Medium’: English and German Women Writers in Italy 1840-1880”)

Supervisor: Michael DiSanto (Ph.D. 2005) (Thesis: A Revaluation of Values: Joseph Conrad’s Novels as a Criticism of the Nineteenth Century)

Supervisor: Sarah Emsley (Ph.D. 2002) (Thesis: Jane Austen and the Virtues)

Reader: Steve McCullough (Ph.D. 2006) (Thesis: Narrativity and Uniqueness in Canadian Women’s Holocaust Memoirs)

Reader: Alan Mitchell (Ph.D. 2002) (Thesis: Reading for the Moral: The Ethics of Exemplarity in Middle English Literature)

Reader: Julia Swan (Ph.D. 2001) (Thesis: Single Blessedness: Representations of the Spinster in Charlotte Bronte, Wilkie Collins, and Selected Periodical Essays)

Reader: Robert Lapp (Ph.D.) (Thesis: Contest for Cultural Authority: Hazlitt, Coleridge, and the ‘Distresses of the Country,’ 1816-1817)

Reader: Elizabeth Somerton (Ph.D.) (Thesis: The Question of ‘Englishness’: Identity, Culture, Class and Gender in the Novels of Margaret Drabble)

Reader: Kathleen McCormack (Ph.D.) (Thesis: Significant Silences and Muted Machines: Textile Tropes in British Literature Around the Industrial Revolution)

Examiner, Ph.D. Comprehensive Exams:  Julia Swan, Elizabeth Judge, Suzanne Waldman, Brian Johnson, Sarah Emsley, Liz Medwid, Lesley Newhook, Andrea Collins, Federica Belluccini, Meagan Timney, Kelly Liddell



Supervisor: Louise Gullander-Drolet (M.A. 2013) (Thesis: Renegotiating Authoritative Conventions: Wilkie Collins’s Blurring of High and Low in The Law and the Lady, The Moonstone and Armadale)

Supervisor: Elissa Gurman (MA 2010) (Thesis: Seductive Convention: Reading Romance and Realism in Charlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyre, George Eliot’s The Mill on the Floss, and Virginia Woolf’s The Voyage Out)

Supervisor: Carrie Hildebrand (M.A. 2010) (Thesis: Idiots and Egotists: An Exploration of Moral Growth and Responsibility Among Children, the Childish, and the Child-Like in the Works of George Eliot and Charles Dickens)

Supervisor: James Ross (M.A. 2010) (Thesis: Beautiful Blanche’s Regress: Intersections of Beauty and Power in the Fiction of Charlotte Bronte and Elizabeth Gaskell)

Supervisor: Alexandra Doeben (M.A. 2009) (Thesis: Becky Sharp’s Children: Criminal Heroines in Vanity Fair and the Sensation Novels of the 1860s)

Supervisor: Sarah Russell (M.A. 2008) (Thesis: Fictional Characters and Factual Investigations: Entering the Working-Class World in Elizabeth Gaskell’s Mary Barton and North and South)

Supervisor: Kja Isaacson (M.A. 2008) (Thesis: The Lurking Poison of Sensuality”: French Novels and Sensation Fiction in Lady Audley’s Secret and The Doctor’s Wife)

Supervisor: Ryan Van Huijstee (M.A. 2006) (Thesis: George Eliot’s Bestiary: Nineteenth-Century Science, Zoomorphism and Ethics)

Supervisor: Nicolette Little (M.A. 2006) (Thesis: Beauty and Power in Adam Bede and Lady Audley’s Secret)

Supervisor: Brad MacDonald (M.A. 2005) (Thesis: ‘A Sight to Wonder At’: Masculinity, Commerce and Performance in Dickens’s Little Dorrit and Tennyson’s Maud)

Supervisor: Barbara Kanellakos (M.A. 2005) (Thesis: Stop the Press, Who is That? Reading Margaret Oliphant Between the Lines)

Supervisor:  Krista MacKeigan (M.A. 2003) (Thesis: ‘An Age of  Divided Beings’: Social and Psychological Identities in Three Victorian Novels)

Supervisor: Stacey Armstrong (M.A. 1999) (Thesis: The Possibilities of Gifts: George Eliot’s Systems of Exchange)

Supervisor: Celeste Bowering (M.A. 1999) (Thesis: ‘Whispering to One’s Self and Listening’: The Diary in Four Victorian Novels)

Supervisor: Robin Bolivar (M.A. 1998) (Thesis: ‘This Here is Moral, if not Legal Evidence’: Moral Immorality and the Legal System in The Moonstone, The Woman in White, and Lady Audley’s Secret)

Supervisor: Heather McCauley (M.A. 1998) (Thesis: Having an Effect: Jane Austen and the Novel of Apprenticeship)

Supervisor: Jennifer Shepherd (M.A. 1998) (Thesis: Reading the Web: Web and Textile Imagery in The Mill on the Floss, Middlemarch, and Silas Marner)


Administrative Service

Dalhousie University Senate

Academic Appeals Committee: Member, 2003-2006

Planning Group, Senate Forum on Undergraduate Education: Member, 2012

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

 Internal Review Committee (History): Chair, 2013-14

Chair Search Committee (Political  Science): Member, 2012-13

Information Technology Committee: Member, 2011-12

Academic Development Committee: Chair, 2000-2001
Academic Development Committee: Member, 1998-2000

Coordinator Search Committee (Canadian Studies Program): Member, 2003

Internal Review Committee (Canadian Studies Program): Member, 2003

Internal Review Committee (Department of German): Member, 1998-99

Internal Review Committee (Department of Spanish): Member, 1996-97


Faculty of Graduate Studies

Faculty Council: Member, 2009-2012, 2012-14

Academic Planning and Priorities Committee: Member, 2009-2012, 2012-14

RDFA Committee: Member, 2002-2003
SSHRC Doctoral Fellowships Committee: Member, 1999-2001 

Department of English

Chair’s Advisory Committee: Member, 1998-2001; 2012-15

Professional Development Committee: Member, 2003-2006, 2009-2012

Graduate Committee: Member, 2006-2009; Coordinator 2007-2009

Undergraduate Committee: Member, 1995-1999; Chair/Undergraduate Advisor, 1996-97
Nominating Committee: Chair, 1998-99; Member, 2003-2004

Academic Planning Committee: Member, 1998, 2007-9

 Departmental Secretary: 2012

University of King’s College

Research and Travel Fund Committee, 2012-14

Board of Governors, Faculty Representative, 2005-2007

Council of Coordinators, Foundation Year Program: Member, 2004-2005

Appointments, Promotion, and Tenure Committee: Member, 2003-2005
Joint Council for Early Modern Studies Program, 1998-2001

Library and Archives Committee: Member, 1996-99

Accessibility Committee: Chair, 1995-96


Professional Service

Referee for The Dalhousie Review, Nineteenth-Century Feminisms, The Victorian Review, Victorian Studies, Broadview Press, University of Toronto Press

Selected Academic Awards and Fellowships

Mellon Dissertation Year Fellowship, Cornell University (1994-95)
Sage Graduate Fellowship, Cornell University (1993-94)

Mellon Fellowship in the Humanities, Cornell University (1990-92)

Commonwealth Scholarship, Cambridge University (1990; declined)

English Honours Medal and Prize, University of British Columbia (1990)

Wesbrook Scholar, University of British Columbia (1989)

Norman MacKenzie Alumni Entrance Scholarship, University of British Columbia (1986)

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