David Tindall's Astronomy Page

Astronomy events in Nova Scotia and, sometimes, beyond

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Current Weather and Forecasts for Halifax, Nova Scotia (Shearwater)

The Sudbury Neutrino Observatory

Atmospheric Optics Rainbows, Haloes, Glories, Crepuscular rays, Sundogs ... all kinds of atmospheric phenomena

Animation of LIBRATION ... use this link for the original source (and other interesting animations).

The very latest SOHO images of the Sun

Nucleosynthesis Movies from JINA

"Powers of Ten" video

Watch the Tides at Halls Harbour, NS -- On the Bay of Fundy ... and another view near Halls Harbour


View Earth from any (Earth) Satellite

PHYC 2451 & 2452: Astronomy I & II Class Information Sheet

Recent Quizzes and Examination papers:


Quiz #1 (October), Quiz #2 (November), 2451 Final Examination (December)
Quiz #3 (February), Quiz #4 (March), 2452 Final Exam (April)
ANSWERS to Quizzes and Exams above


Quiz #1 (October), Quiz #2 (November), 2451 Final Examination (December)
Quiz #3 (February), Quiz #4 (March), 2452 Final Exam (April)
ANSWERS to Quizzes and Exams above

Some PHYC 2451/2452 Handouts:

Meridian Altitude Geometry
Equatorial Star Chart
North Circumpolar Star Chart
Predicting Eclipses
Newton and Keplers Laws
The Chandrasekhar Limit
Poor, poor Spirit Rover ;-)

Web-site for the PHYC 2451/2452 text book

Information on the Planets etc.

Messenger -- MErcury, Surface, Space ENvironment, GEochemistry and Ranging

Photographs of the 1882 Transit of Venus -- Mount Hamilton, CA. (Animated by Sky & Telescope)

Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter
Mars Exploration Rover Mission
Mars Mars Curiosity Rover
Mars Panorama   (Needs QuickTime VR)
How they really made the Mars Panorama ;-)

The Voyager Mission: Nova (PBS): "To Boldly Go ..."
Jupiter: Lord of the Planets
Saturn: The Ringed Planet
Uranus: The Planet That Got Knocked on its Side

Galileo Legacy Site
Juno Mission

Cassini-Huygens Home

The Miranda Movie

Space Telescopes
Spitzer Space Telescope
Hubble Space Telescope (STScI)

Other interesting links

Sky at Night (Monthly BBC series hosted by Patrick Moore almost continuously from April 1957 until his death in December 2012)
SKY & TELESCOPE home page
From Stargazers to Starships
Want to know the time?

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