Übersetzung / Translation
von / by Walter A. Aue

Wilhelm Busch:

In trauter Verborgenheit

Ade, ihr Sommertage,
Wie seid ihr so schnell enteilt,
Gar mancherlei Lust und Plage
Habt ihr uns zugeteilt.

Wohl war es ein Entzcken,
Zu wandeln im Sonnenschein.
Nur die verflixten Mcken
Mischten sich immer darein.

Und wenn wir auf Waldeswegen
Dem Sange der Vgel gelauscht,
Dann kam natrlich ein Regen
Auf uns hernieder gerauscht.

Die lustigen Snger haben
Nach Sden sich aufgemacht,
Bei Tage krchzen die Raben,
Die Kuze schreien bei Nacht.

Was ist das fr Gesause!
Es strmt bereits und schneit.
Da bleiben wir zwei zu Hause
In trauter Verborgenheit.

Kein Wetter kann uns verdrieen.
Mein Liebchen, ich und du,
Wir halten uns warm und schlieen
Hbsch feste die Tren zu.

Wilhelm Busch:
Landschaft mit Windmühle (Ausschnitt)

Deutschsprachige wissen ja viel mehr ber Wilhelm Busch - da kann ich mir das Predigen sparen. Aber bevor Sie mir mit dem kulturspezifischen Struwelpeter oder Karl May daherkommen - vom politisch-inkorrekten Wienerlied ganz zu schweigen - will ich Sie doch auf die rechten Links hinweisen, vor allem auf die Busch-Seiten, die auch viel Visuellem Herberge bieten, auf das wie immer umfangreiche Gutenberg.Spiegel Angebot, auf die Gedichte in Johannes Spangenbergs Sammlung - und auf die Bilder, die ich den anderen Busch bersetzungen beigefgt habe.

Begeben Sie sich auf Entdeckungsreise! Nur bedenken Sie: Wilhelm Busch ist ein Spiegel. Der beste Spiegel, den Deutschland jemals hatte. Und schon Cervantes warnte vor der Gefahr, die hinter/vor jedwegem Spiegel harrt...

Wilhelm Busch:

In cozy privacy

Farewell, you summer bubbles
of days that quickly passed,
all sorts of joys and troubles
had you for us amassed.

What rapture, when we did go
entwined in sun's embrace.
Alas, some damned mosquito
kept biting our face.

And when through woods we ambled
to hear the thrushes' song,
you could have safely gambled
a rain would come along.

The songbirds are withdrawing
in search of Southern light;
by day the crows are cawing,
the owls screech loud by night.

Already, what a bustle!
The storms and snows run free.
Back to the house we hustle
for cozy privacy.

No weather shall be shocking,
my love, to you and me:
we shall keep warm - and locking
our doors most carefully.

Wilhelm Busch:
Rainy Landscape (Detail)

You may know of Wilhelm Busch as a forerunner of the comic strip - e.g. his much-translated Max und Moritz - and/or as a poet in his own right. What you might not know is that Busch was not just a superior draftsman but also a remarkable painter. Too bad he himself thought little of these efforts, although they came after years of conscientious study.

Not that I have any expertise in painting, far from it, but my gut feeling is that Busch was much better in this regard than he himself or posteriority gave him credit for. The punishingly modest assessments of his own paintings were not praised for what they really were, i.e. signs of a superior but humble personality, but were simply reproduced, again and again, as truths straight from the master's mouth. Then as now, self-effacement is acknowledged only in the very long run. If ever...

To me, some of Busch's images - usually done on the cheap, e.g. on carton, etc. - remind me of paintings that came, around the fin de siecle, most impressively and expressively out of France. (Of course, others are reminiscent of the classical Dutch painters - no surprise since Busch studied painting, among other places, in the Netherlands.) But, then, I am not even a bloody amateur when it comes to holding a brush. It's just that (I think) I know (tempera-mentally, though expressed here in culinary terms) whether an egg is fresh or rotten - even if I can't lay one myself.

Nevertheless, I had great pleasure looking at these images, and I wanted to make some available to my readers, too. On this and other Busch pages. In that context, many thanks to my good cultural Samaritan, let's call her "M", who liberally supplied me with images and insights!

If you want to see more on the Net, there are the marvellous Busch-Seiten and you will find not only the written but also the drawn, painted and sculpted Busch there. Plus, as usual, Gutenberg.Spiegel offers a large assortment of prosa and lyrics, plus many of the comic strips (Bildergeschichten).

I should also mention that this poem sometimes goes under the title of "Herbst" (Autumn). And, if you should you ever get to Hannover, you may may want to visit the large Wilhelm-Busch-Museum, where many of the shown visuals are kept.


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